Productivity Enhancing Software

We provide bespoke user-friendly software solutions to remove the burden of low-value tasks and free up time to build your business. To succeed in what you set out to do.

Increased Productivity

Reduced people hours spent on time consuming, repetitive, low-value tasks.

Efficient Processes

Standardised and automated processes to reduce human error.

Greater Insight

Integrated Reporting to recognise and manage business opportunities


Tailored Systems built specifically to meet your unique business needs

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Increased Productivity

Automation of low-value, repetitive tasks will greatly improve your team’s efficiency and your company’s productivity.

Time saved can be spent on more value-creating activity.

Efficient Processes

Custom software is tightly bound to your processes, guiding your team along the way, and reducing human error.

Our reliable Business Software Solutions give your company a solid platform on which to grow and increase productivity.

Greater Insight

Reporting functionality is built directly into a Working Data Business Software Solution.

Insight and feedback to help you guide your business is at your fingertips.


A Business Software Solution delivers great value because it is designed to exactly match your requirements

You don’t pay for functionality you don’t need, unlike off-the-shelf software.

And it adapts to your business as it matures and grows.

Secure your success with new or updated Business Software to automate processes and improve business productivity​

Custom Software Development

Increase Staff Efficiency

Boost Company Productivity

Become More Competitive

Automate Business Processes

Software can automate many manual and time-consuming processes.  Discover how processes in your business can be automated by software.

How We Work

Find out the simple stages we take you through when you engage us to build your bespoke business software.

With Working Data you will have a partner who will help you build the systems to succeed.


We are experts

Working with businesses like yours since 2005.

We speak your language

We have jargon-free conversations with you to identify the possibilities for your business.

Our clients stay with us

Many of our clients have been with us for over 10 years.

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