Boost Productivity With Custom Access Software

Screenshot of sample settings forms from Microsoft Access custom databasesAre you looking for a bespoke system to run your business?   Custom Access software from Working Data will match your requirements exactly.

With a personalised system you won’t need to use spreadsheets to ‘fill the gaps’.  Your staff won’t need to work around the system to get their jobs done. This increases the efficiency of your whole team. It also makes for a happier team.  Everyone can get on with more productive and creative tasks bringing greater value to the business.

Spreadsheet Bottleneck?

Have spreadsheets and paper processes become a bottleneck for the productivity of you and your team? Many of our clients have come to us when their business outgrows spreadsheets.  Excel is a useful tool when you first start out.  Over time, though, requirements change.  Eventually every major business sits on a database.  They provide a massive boost to staff efficiency and management reporting.  The first time a business moves from spreadsheets to purpose-built software it saves them time and money.  Many choose a Rapid Application Development platform such as Microsoft Access.  We have been providing clients with Custom Access Software since 2005.  Our experience covers all the major releases of Access from Office 97 to the present date.  We regularly keep up to date with the latest developments.

These are more and more focused on Cloud and Remote Working Solutions.  Cloud solutions give you the added benefit of accessing your data anywhere.  This also allows staff and colleagues to work remotely.  Flexible working hours can be a way of attracting new talent to your firm.

Do standard products lack the flexibility and functionality your business needs?

Microsoft Access is the perfect environment to provide you with a fast and easy-to-use solution.  Here at Working Data we have years of experience helping businesses move from spreadsheets to their first business system.  Bespoke business software will give you the perfect platform with which to grow your business.  Over time your Access software can develop and grow

How Custom Access Software Can Help..

Here at Working Data we have been designing, building and installing custom Access Software systems for our clients since 2005. The easiest, fastest and most competitive method for a business to upgrade from spreadsheets is with Custom Access software. Thanks to the fast development and flexibility of Access it can be applied to industries and situations of almost any kind.  Our years of experience with the evolution of Access put us in the right place to help you move forward.  We support our clients as their businesses evolve and their requirements mature.


We have worked with a wide variety of organisations of different sizes. From household names such as Bosch to local professionals like IMA Associates. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly understand our clients’ needs and desires. Our work shows that we can deliver fast and reliable systems that greatly benefit our clients.  Our enthusiasm for Microsoft Access software is based on our experience of seeing how they transform the everyday life of our clients.  The reduction in time spent in manual tasks and systems always gives them a great boost.  Staff who are now released to perform more creative and value-adding activities enjoy work more.  It allows them to concentrate on the business rather than the administration of the business.  You win, your staff win and your business profits.

Why Microsoft Access Software?

login-form-3Microsoft Access has been the leading desktop software application since the 1980s. It has a unique combination of a familiar visual interface (MS Office) and a very powerful programming language (Visual Basic for Applications). This means that users will see something they like and are used to. Developers have a suite of powerful tools at their disposal. Access can interface with all of the other common systems used in offices, such as Sage accountancy software.

Reports are one of the main advantages of Access. It is well known for having incredibly powerful and flexible reporting options. Capabilities such as these would cost a factor of ten more in any other platform. Microsoft have been gradually integrating web capabilities with each successive version of Access. Remote working and flexible working patterns are catered for with Cloud connectivity.

Rapid Development

Microsoft Access allows for rapid development. Modifications and upgrades that clients request are achieved quickly and reasonably. As your business matures and your processes are refined, we can help you tailor your custom Access software to match. We aim to be vital partners to our clients and help them move forward with their business. Reporting in Access is very quick and powerful giving you the figures and graphs you need to direct your business. The outputs are of such a high visual quality that you can share them with clients and customers. Many of our clients only use Access reports items such as Invoices, Acknowledgements, Purchase Orders and so on. Data can also be exported to Excel for further and more detailed analysis. This is one of the many advantages of using a tool which works so well with the other elements of the Microsoft Office family.

Client Reviews

Some of our clients have been kind enough to provide reviews of our products and services. You can access these by clicking on Client Reviews in the navigation bar at the top of the screen. We hope this will demonstrate the wide range of clients we work with. Companies large and small and from a wide variety of disciplines. Some of the names you will know and others are smaller, more local businesses. We give each of our clients the same attention and level of service.

Find out how we have helped our clients with Access Software development.