How Software Automates...


Business Software has the potential to increase productivity to new levels but how does it interact with our business and processes?

Quoting software will help you:

  • Track quote progress
  • Record quote details
  • Measure quote conversion rates
  • Analyse unconverted quotes for patterns
  • Increase conversion of quotes to orders

Custom business software is the ideal solution to capturing the unique features of your company’s quoting process and individualities.  See our outline below which shows how software will automate and improve your conversions.

quoting process flowchart showing software inputs and outputs

Would Your Business Benefit From Quoting Software?

Quoting software will reduce paperwork and human error.

You can track the progress of each quote and measure you and your team’s conversion rates.

From this you can analyse unconverted quotes for patterns, giving you the real-world data you need to increase conversion rates.

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