Upgrade From Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are a really good place to start when you first begin your business.

Before you know it, though, your business can have outgrown spreadsheets.

Perhaps you recognise some of these familiar issues?

  • Sharing information is difficult.
  • Work is duplicated.
  • Input errors are causing issues.
  • There are different versions of the same, key spreadsheet.  Which is the correct one?
  • Mistakes in formulas aren’t noticed until it’s too late.
  • Routine tasks are starting to take longer and longer.
  • Pulling together data into reports is becoming too difficult.

When your business reaches this natural stage of development, it is time to reflect on your systems. 

What solutions do you need in place which will allow your business to thrive and not hold it back?

It may be time to invest in the future of your business and procure custom business software.


Sharing Information

A Business Software Solution will put all your data in one place.  Unlike having data spread across multiple spreadsheets.

This allows you to share all the relevant information with members of your team instantly, without any additional manual steps.

You can also control more easily which team members have access to which types of data.

Work Duplication

When everyone has their own spreadsheets, who knows how much work is being duplicated?

A unifying business software solution will make sure that everyone is seeing the same data.

Tasks and responsibilities can be more easily defined, thereby increasing your team’s productivity.

Input Errors

Data entry screens in a business solution have in-built data validating functions and avoid data duplication.

Because staff are not copying and pasting from one spreadsheet to another, there is a lot less scope for error.


Version Control

With a custom business solution, there is only one version that your team will have access to.

This means that everyone is always looking at the most up-to-date data.

And all users can access the data at the same time from their own computers.  There is no spreadsheet to share or email.

Formula Errors

Users do not have access to formulas in a Custom Business Solution. 

They cannot accidentally or unknowningly change the formulas and end up with the wrong result.

Many spreadsheet horror stories are as a result of someone accidentally altering formulas or pasting over previous formulas.

exasperated with spreadsheets

Time Wasted

The larger and quicker your business grows, the more time you will spend trying to keep up with it using spreadsheets.

Perhaps you will be paying your staff to learn Excel rather than the value-adding speciality you hired them for.


Reporting functionality is built directly into a Working Data Business Solution.

Instant insight and feedback is at your fingertips, giving you content visibility and helping to guide your business.

Custom Software Development

Save time and money, while boosting productivity.

Automate Business Processes

Software can automate many manual and time-consuming processes.  Discover how processes in your business can be automated by software.

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