Business Process Flow Diagrams

Your business, and how you operate it, are what make it profitable and deliver your own specific value to your customers.

We make sure your Custom Access database fits around you and your business processes as in the example below.

Business Process Flow Diagram for a basic sales order process

This first diagram shows a basic sales order process.

flow diagram of a sales order process

Business Process Flow Diagram showing database screens and outputs

In this diagram we see where a database is involved in the process. In the left column are the screens used, and in the right column the outputs generated

flow diagram of a sales order process with database screens and outputs

Designing an Access database to fit your business

These diagrams are offered just as an example to demonstrate how a custom Access database fits around your business process.

We take only the time required to get to the detail of how your business works. We work with you to identify what your current issues are and how an Access database can help you resolve them.

Microsoft Access offers the perfect combination of powerful functionality and rapid development.

To find out more, contact us.