Why Choose Custom Software Over Off-The-Shelf Software Solutions

What is best for your company?

The effectiveness of your company’s systems and software is a major component of what is keeping your business competitive.

If you are ready to improve your business systems, which route should you go down?

Will your business benefit from Custom Software Development?

Most businesses do.  Custom Software Development allows you to incorporate your company’s USP directly into your systems.

Below we have outlined some of the different ways that incorporating Bespoke Business Software into your business will benefit your company.

Area of Concern

Custom Software



Fits your business and how it operates, exactly.  It is a bespoke design, designed specifically for your business.

Is an approximation of how a business like yours might operate.  One-size-fits-all, ‘off-the-peg’ approach.


The software fits around your business and those elements which make it unique.

You have to fit your company around the software.  A fixed set of functions as estimated by the software company, not you.

Best Practice & Process Improvement

Embeds best practice in your systems, increasing productivity and efficiency

Will probably leave you with gaps to fill using manual methods on paper or a spreadsheet.

Staff Training

Requires less training as it designed around your work practices.

Takes time to bed in, can be fairly disruptive to daily processes.

Direction of Future Development

Is in your control and will not change without you requesting it.  Has only the functionality you require.  Designed around your business and processes.

OTS can move further away from what you like or want, the software’s development direction is outside of your control.

Licensing and Payment Structures

You have full control over licencing and payment structures.

You are at the mercy of the software supplier for whom you are just a face in the crowd.

Business Asset

Custom Software is an asset for and of your business and forms part of the package you may eventually sell on.

Is always owed by the supplier for whom you are one of a thousand tennants.

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