Why ask your team to struggle on with spreadsheets?


Is it the best use of their time?

Is it the best use of your company’s resources?

Could your team members be bringing more value to your business by concentrating on other tasks?

When your company was young and uncertain, it made sense to muddle through with whatever would do the job there and then.

But, as your team has grown, isn’t it time to invest in getting them the right tools to keep your business moving forward.

An investment in your company’s infrastructure will help your business grow and develop whilst creating a valuable asset that stays with the company.

You have three options:

A: Struggle On

exasperated with spreadsheets

If you don’t change what you do, you don’t change what you get.

Spreadsheets are famous for being error-prone and have caused lots of embarrasment and cost to companies.

  • Time-consuming, Duplication of effort
  • Multiple versions of vital documents
  • Labour intensive analytics and reporting

It is the age-old dilemma of ‘what are you willing to sacrifice now for a better future?

B: Train them in Excel

This would definitely improve the situation.  Your team members would become more efficient and able to turn around requests quickly.

However, their knowledge of spreadsheets will leave with them when they move on.

And would this not really be a half-way house which didn’t really address the fundamental problem? 

As the business leader, how do you want the company to operate?  What is unique about your business?

C: Invest in Software

Bespoke Business Software removes the need for spreadsheets at all.

The software becomes an asset that stays with your company and adds value to your business.

It is a single repository for business data which makes analysis and reporting simple and always up-to-date.

Your company’s unique processes and offering are embedded in the team’s day-to-day tool.  Training requirements are minimised because the software matches the way you already work.

Case Study - iKoustic Ltd.

Sound Absorption Materials
Sound Absorption - Baffle Note

Acoustic Product Specialists iKoustic Ltd design, manufacture and supply sound insulation solutions across the globe from their base in the heart of Yorkshire.

Tired of being bogged down with spreadsheets, this team of sound engineers realised they needed to invest in their future.  They wanted solutions to allow them to concentrate on serving their customers rather than internal admin.

Working closely together we have developed an integrated suite of applications ranging from Customer Relationship Management to Quoting to Sound Absorption Modelling.  These bespoke programs have allowed the iKoustic team to focus on business development, sales and customer service rather than on internal admin.  The systems are customised to match their work practices therefore no spreadsheet work-arounds are required.  Business data is stored centrally allowing for greater automation and analysis.

Our focus here at Working Data is to carry on helping iKoustic to automate their processes and improve their productivity. You can read what M.D. Rick Parsons had to say here.

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