Mileage Claim Tool version 2.0

If you claim for your mileage you will like our Mileage Claim Tool, now updated to version 2.0. It’s in Excel 2013 and we’ll walk you through how to use it, it’s really simple.

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Entering your mileage allowance

When you first open the Mileage Claim Tool it will look like this.

Opening Working Data's Mileage Claim Tool version 2

The first step is to enter your mileage allowance, the number of pounds and pence you can charge for per mile.
Enter as shown below.

How to enter the mileage allowance into Working Data's Mileage Claim Tool v2

Entering Your First Mileage Claim

Go to the first row and enter the date, a description of the journey and the number of miles you travelled.
Mileage Claim Tool v2.0 will automatically calculate your claim for that journey.

How to enter your first mileage claim in Mileage Claim Tool version 2

Calculating Your Total Mileage Claim

Add your other journeys to a new row and the claim for each journey will be automatically calculated.
Also, the total mileage and claim will be summed at the bottom of the table.

Calculating your total mileage claim in Working Data's Mileage Claim Tool version 2

We hope you find the Mileage Claim Tool useful.

If you would like to construct your own Mileage Claim Tool

The Mileage Claim Tool uses a combinatino of IF statements, absolute references and formatting to present the user with an easy to use interface. As you construct your mileage spreadsheet be sure to keep in mind that you want it to be obvious to the user how to carry out the simple task of entering their mileage claims.

We would recommend that you begin by laying out the Excel tool how you want it to look and then fill in the formulas. You may want to use worksheet protection to stop future users from altering your equations and formulas. You can then unprotect the specific data entry cells to leave these free for data entry.

Using a cell which is then referenced in your formulas allows the user to alter the mileage rate allowance without having to alter the formulas.

It may take a little time to build a polished, finished version of the Mileage Claim Tool. If you are pressed for time why not take advantage of the time we’ve already spent on ours.

After completing your purchase in PayPal you receive a download link via email.

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