How to find number of sales, sales value and average sale by supplier

Want to know which of your suppliers products you are selling the most of? If you’ve got a long list of sales in your spreadsheet, it might seem obvious how to pull out that information. But, it is very useful information. Just copy and paste your supplier and sales data into the Simple Excel Sales By Supplier Tool. The Tool has all the formulas in there ready. PLUS, it’s a surprisingle inexpensive download!

Simple Excel Sales By Supplier Tool

  • Total No of Sales, Total Sales Value.
  • By Supplier:
    • Total No of Sales
    • Total Value of Sales
    • Average Sale
  • Just copy and paste in your data.
  • Formulas and Calculations done for you.
  • Save As and re-use forever!

Screenshot of spreadsheet showing sales by supplier



Want To Add Sales By Supplier To Your Own Spreadsheet?

The Simple Excel Sales By Supplier Tool uses the Excel functions SUMIF and COUNTIF.

They both compile data from a list when it matches a certain criteria, in this case, a supplier’s name, e.g.


If you had three rows with sales information as on the right

To get the number of sales, in an empty cell type:


A2:A6 is the range we want to look up (The dollar signs allow us to copy down the column). E2 is the supplier name we want to match.

To get the total sales value, in the next cell type:

To finish, copy or drag down the columns




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