Has Your Team Outgrown Spreadsheets?

Here’s how you can tell –

  • Does more than one person need to use it at the same time?
  • Would you like the spreadsheet to give you more tools and reporting?
  • Has your business changed since the spreadsheet was set up?
  • Does it take up time you’d rather spend on creative, value-adding tasks.

If you have answered ‘Yes!’ to any of these questions then it is time to consolidate your spreadsheets into a single, user-friendly bespoke database.

With a Working Data Bespoke Database you get:

> Multiple users with simultaneous, permission-level controlled access.

  • All the team can use the database at the same time.
  • They can only see the data relevant to them.
  • Users can not accidentally change formulas or values.
  • Everyone is on the same version, as there is only ONE VERSION!

> Greater functionality and Extensive Reporting

  • A database can automate many routine tasks e.g. Payment receipt ‘Thank You!’ emails.
  • In-depth reports based on multiple criteria selected by each user.
  • Auto-correct human errors with in-built data validating and de-duplication.

> A stable, cost-effective platform for your growing business.

  • Can add, change or remove a user’s access.
  • Live, up-to-the-minute, reporting shows business progress.
  • Your database will evolve as your business develops and grows.

> No more Spreadsheet Headaches!

  • Save time by letting the database do the manual jobs.
  • Free your team to carry out creative, value-adding tasks.
  • Make Work Easier!

Working Data believes that we should use computers to make work easier.  Is it time to upgrade from spreadsheets?.

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