Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

the secret to Saving Time and increasing productivity.

If you take the time to learn Excel Keyboard Shortcuts you will be amazed at how quickly you can perform spreadsheet tasks which used to take hours, if not days. Imagine how much more effective you could be. This is especially true if you are working with a spreadsheet which goes over several screens. Constantly going back and forth between the mouse and keyboard takes time and makes it easy to lose your place.

Here at Working Here at Working Data we have years of experience working with vast amounts of data in bewlideringly huge and unwieldy spreadsheets.  A little-known tip to mastering Excel is to:

Use The Mouse As Little As Possible

We have compiled a list of the most useful keyboard shortcuts.  Once you start using these Excel keyboard shortcuts they will become second nature in no time and save you hours of frustration when you work with a spreadsheet.

The shortcuts have been grouped together into categories so that you can learn one part at a time. Follow the links below. Good luck!

  • Navigation
    Move swiftly within a spreadsheet without moving cell by cell or using the mouse. Learn how to jump to end of rows and columns, how to move between worksheets, and how to get back to the very beginning of your worksheet from wherever you are in one move and no scrolling.
  • Selection
    Quickly select multiple cells, rows and columns, move to end of row or column of figures, move to next blank cell.
  • Insertion
    Insert rows, columns, cells, objects, symbols, charts, new worksheets, functions and formulas. All without using the mouse.
  • Deleting
    Delete rows, columns, cells and cell contents using just the keyboard.
  • Values
    Instantly copy the value from the cell above, copy the values down a column of values or insert today’s date.
  • Office Keyboard Shortcuts
    Save, Undo, Copy’n’Paste, Find, Find & Replace, Bold, Italics, New File, Close File, Open File plus many more.

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