Report Forms

The reports you can pull out of a custom database give you fast and accurate details about your business.

Naturally we can’t show you the exact reports we have made for our clients as these are confidential but these samples below will hopefully give you some idea of their potential to give you useful information at the click of a button.

Drill down into your information setting criteria for your reports..
Report Criteria Form screenshot

Some samples of the type of outputs you can expect from a custom Access database..

Data can be easier to read when displayed in a chart..
Screenshot of an Access Database Bar Chart

Bar charts are some of the most popular outputs requested..
Microsoft Access report in a graph

Lists of data are often needed for reporting on precise details..
Screenshot of a database form displaying user activity

Take advantage of the subtle formatting available in Microsoft Access to make your reports stand out..
Screenshot of a form showing client activity

A wallplanner gives you great oversight of staff holidays..
A Microsoft Access Holiday Planner

You can track employee holidays and time keeping easily..
Screenshot of an employee's attendance and holiday record

Microsoft Access offers a highly flexible fast development environment..
Sample MS Access Forms

Customise and personalise your business outputs such as invoices..
MS Access Custom Invoice screenshot

Contact us to find out how we can design a Custom Access Database for you that will give you the reporting you and your team need.

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