MS Access Menu Examples

Below you will find some MS Access menu examples we have designed with and made for our clients.

Menus are the screens which allow you to access the main screens and reports you use to run your business.

The starting screen the user sees when they open their Access database application is called the ‘Home Screen’.

A special type of menu is the Home Screen.

MS Access menu for eco business village

From there, they can view a summary of key information, tasks required and click through to other function screens,

e.g. raising a sales order or generating an invoice.

A Purchasing System’s Home Screen

Dashboard for a Custom Access Database

The layout and detail of a Home Screen are completely bespoke and relate to your company’s unique way of operating.

Many clients prefer to have a mixture of key information plus click-through buttons to the most-common activities,

such as adding a new customer or new client to the database.

Design your Home Screen to give you quick access to all your most common tasks..
Screenshot of a Microsoft Dashboard form

The Home Screen can be as simple or as complex as your require..
Screenshot of a Microsoft Access custom dashboard

Different users can have different Home Screens

Someone who works in Sales might not need to have access to Shop Floor or Purchasing screens on their dashboard as they will just clutter up the screen.

We can design a Business System for you that can have different Home Screens depending on each user’s login privilege.

There are areas of your business which will only be accessible to certain people in your team.

Some Home Screens show a summary of the work to be done that day..
Screenshot of a Microsoft Access database menu

Hopefully this list of MS Access menu examples has given you some ideas about how you would like the menus to look in your Custom Access Database?

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