Spreadsheets vs Databases – Round 8: Task Delegation

In round 8 of 10 we turn to the key element of Task Delegation.  In order for a business to grow, work must be delegated to new and less experienced staff.  How do our two contenders fare at helping the business owner to offload some of the day to day grind?

Round 8: Task Delegation


diagram showing the multitude of skills and functions a business owner must performThe most up to date version of Microsoft Excel, at this point in time, is Microsoft Excel 2013.

There is now the option to share spreadsheets more successfully using the subscription based Office 365 which can synchronise files between a shared online folder and individual PCs.

There is also the option to work on the files online using the online versions of the main MS Office programs (Word, Excel and PowerPoint).  These are better than the Google counterparts but are still not nearly as powerful and flexible as the more traditional, locally installed MS Office suite.Read More »Spreadsheets vs Databases – Round 8: Task Delegation

Spreadsheets vs Databases – Round 7: Limiting The Damage Caused By Human Error

In round seven we look at how much both of these platforms can defend themselves from human error.  In our businesses we have processes and procedures in place to achieve tasks in the most efficient and coordinated way.  However, simple mistakes and unforeseen circumstances will cause these to occasionally fail.

With computers we can further enhance this protection by systematically blocking certain behaviours.

Round 7: Limiting The Damage Caused By Human Error


spreadsheet_formulasWithin Microsoft Excel it is possible to set a password for the entire workbook (or file).  Using that in combination with the individual cell properties it is possible to make certain cells read-only, therefore blocking the user from making any alterations to that cell.

You can also hide columns, rows and worksheets with a workbook.  This means that you can hide certain aspects of the spreadsheet. However, with the single password you can undo all these preventative measures and make hidden elements visible again.Read More »Spreadsheets vs Databases – Round 7: Limiting The Damage Caused By Human Error