Adding and Removing VAT

Our updated and improved VAT Calculator is now available as a complementary download.

It automates adding and removing VAT to help you with your VAT calculations.

It shows you:

  • The amount for each row, with and without VAT
  • The individual VAT amounts for each row.
  • Total Including VAT
  • Total Excluding VAT
  • Total VAT Amount
  • Flexible VAT rate in case it changes!
Remove VAT



Want To Add VAT Calculations To Your Own Spreadsheet?

To Add VAT in Excel we use a formula which contains the multiplication operator, *.

e.g. If you want to add 20% VAT to £15 in cell A1, in cell B1, type in:


To remove VAT we instead use a formula with the division operator, /.

e.g. To remove 20% VAT from £18 in cell A1, in cell B1, type in:


To get all the nice totals, check out the formulas and formatting in the complementary download:




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