Adding and Removing VAT with VAT Calculator v3.0

This is our most up to date VAT Calculator in Excel 2013.  It automatically adds and removes VAT as well as giving totals.  Here’s how to use it.  It’s really simple!

First things first, download this zip file which contains the VAT Calculator which is an Excel 2013 file called VatCalculator3.xlsx.  It’s completely complementary Clarence.

Open VatCalculator3.xlsx and start by entering the VAT rate. Currently (Feb, 2015) in the UK this is 20%. Enter 20 in cell G4 as below.

Where to enter the VAT rate in Working Data's VAT Calculator version 3 in Excel 2013

The first worksheet, or tab, is for Removing VAT. Simply enter your items and prices including VAT into cells F10 and G10.  VAT Calculator automatically show you the price excluding VAT and the VAT amount in cells I10 and K10.  Enter your other values in the rows below.  The totals are shown in row 25 with the double underlines.

Removing VAT with the Excel 2013 VAT Calculator from Working Data

To add VAT to your figures just do the same in the worksheet (or tab) called ‘Adding VAT’, and there you have it.

We have a growing library of downloadable spreadsheet examples available.  If you would like to suggest a new spreadsheet tip, please leave a comment below.

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