Upgrade From Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are great but…

… they have their limitations

Graphic showing a team of people working at odds with each because they don't have a database to share

And it’s so easy to make a serious mistake…

… there’s so many calculations

Graphic displaying the pickle you can get in with lots of different spreadsheets

And as your team grows…

…is it the best tool for delegation?

diagram showing the multitude of skills and functions a business owner must perform

How would your business look with an Access Database?

Microsoft Access is a business tool and offers the highest-value platform for automating business processes. The powerful reporting will give you feedback on your business in seconds. The central store for your business information will help your team work together and become more efficient. Delegating tasks is simplified by incorporating your processes into the design of the system. Your team won’t need to spend time learning new spreadsheets, it will all be at their fingertips, ready to go.

Uniting your team…

…a central store for your data

A Multi User Access Database setup


…organised data giving you powerful reporting


Delegate with confidence…

…robust, secure tools working tightly with your processes

A diagram showing how a database allows a business owner to delegate tasks

Is your business ready to upgrade from Spreadsheets to an Access Database?

What are the indicators that your business is ready to take the step forward to an Access database?

  • You have to do repetitive, manual tasks with spreadsheets or pen’n’paper
  • You want to get feedback on your business but it would take too long to compile the reports
  • Your team don’t always work together efficiently because they don’t have the right tools
  • There are business-critical spreadsheets with different versions on different computers
  • As the business leader, you feel unable to delegate to your team

A Microsoft Access database will help you with all of these symptoms of growth. Every business goes through these growing pains. When the time has come to move away from spreadsheets and paper, a Microsoft Access database is the most powerful and best-value option for a growing business.

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