Access Software, The Cloud and Remote Working

If you have team members across multiple locations or working remotely, your Custom Access software can work with Cloud solutions such as Azure SQL databases and MS SharePoint.

Access Database in the cloud

With your data resting in the cloud, your team members can access live, current data from anywhere with an internet connection. Although online systems are not as fast as office (or local) systems, with current broadband speeds and the right design the drop in performance should not be a major concern.

Which Cloud Solution works best for your business?

SharePoint SQL Azure
User Interface Local copy of MS Access Local copy of MS Access
User Interface Local copy of MS Access Local copy of MS Access
Data Location Sharepoint Lists SQL database
Can handle Offline usage Yes No
True relational database No Yes
Stores attachments directly within database Yes No
Best suited to Low volume of transactions with attachments requiring offline capabilities High volume of transactions requiring speed
VBA code available Yes Yes
Example Organisation with multiple sites or remote workers requiring document storage, e.g. Engineers, Architects, Surveyors etc.. Organisation with high number of transactions requiring robust system that is accessible from several online locations, e.g. Event Organisers/Supporters, Car Parts/Repairs, Accountants etc..

Remote Working with Custom Access Software

As you can see, there are quite a few things to take into consideration when deciding which route to go. Converting your Access software to work with the cloud will give you extra capabilities.

Team members can access the data from anywhere with an internet connection. Your employees can still update data and pull reports when working from home or from a client’s office. With the right blend of set up and system design there is not much of a performance drop with modern broadband speeds.

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