Custom Access Software

Why Choose Custom Access Software?

Screenshot of sample settings forms from Microsoft Access custom databases

There are five key areas you should investigate when choosing software to run your business:

  • Flexibility – Bespoke Access software will exactly match your business needs
  • Adaptability – Your Access software can adapt to change as your business matures and your market evolves
  • Ease-of-use – Custom software is easier to use as it is designed precisely for your business
  • Cost Savings – There is no cost per user with custom Access software, all you pay for is the development time
  • Reporting – Microsoft Access has the reporting and business intelligence capacity of a much more expensive system

Let’s look at each of those in a little more detail…


Off-the-shelf software is the same for everyone.  It has lots of options you will never use.  These will confuse your team as they try to get to grips with how this program fits into their day-to-day procedures.

Custom Access Software is flexible.  It fits to your business needs, not the other way round.  The only options on-screen are the ones that are relevant to you and your business.  Therefore, your team don’t have to figure out how it fits into your procedures as your procedures will be locked into the software.  That means a lot less training which saves a lot of time and money for you and your company.


Over time your business will mature, your market will evolve.  Do you want to have to buy another new piece of off-the-shelf software each time this happens?  It would make more sense to just adapt the system you have…

Bespoke Access Software is completely adaptable to changing circumstances.  If you decide to change how your business operates, your database will change with you.  No need to learn a new system or move years of data from one application to another.  As your market evolves you may need to update how you interact with your customers or their data.  With your Microsoft Access software you can just make the required alterations and keep moving on.  This is a great time and cost saver for you and your business.


One of the main obstacles to change is that it can be a bit scary for most people.  Often there will be some reluctance within your team to changing software and processes.

Custom Access software will make the transition easier.  Access is part of the MS Office suite and presents a familiar face to users which can help allay any fears to begin with.  The amount of process change is greatly reduced as compared to off-the-shelf software since the Access software has been designed specifically with your business in mind.  Our systems are designed to be easy-to-use and will reduce the amount of time required for training.  Since the system is designed for your business there are no unnecessary options to distract and confuse your team as they learn.


  • As you add more people to your team, you are not charged for each new user on your bespoke Access software, unlike off-the-shelf software. Some off-the-shelf software costs several hundred pounds per user (Sage 50 Accounts – 2 users = £926).
  • Because custom systems are easier to use and are built specifically to match how your business operates, there is much less training required. Training on off-the-shelf software can cost several hundred pounds per day (Sage 2 day course = £633/person).
  • When your business grows and matures and you want to make some changes to your processes, it is much cheaper, quicker and easier to make improvements to your existing system rather than completely change to a new one.
  • Market evolution may change your procedures and requirements and again, this is more cheaply, quickly and easily done with your own custom Access software than changing your off-the-shelf product for another one.


Microsoft Access report in a graph

Custom Access software can put the reports you want directly into your hands. No need for any spreadsheet tricks.

Reports will tell you about your business, your customers and your suppliers. About your products and sales. About your staff, their attendance and their pay.

You can see every detail of your business and the big picture.

Access reports are incredibly powerful and flexible. To replicate these within other systems can cost tens of thousands of pounds. But, with bespoke Access software, this option comes to you at no extra cost. There is only the development cost.

Reports are generated easily by simply selecting a few criteria and then clicking on a button. You don’t need to compile the data as it is already organised within the software. No more having to cobble together spreadsheets and bits of paper to try to get some feedback about your company.

Why Working Data?

We have been helping clients since 2005 with their Custom Access software.  You can read what they have to say by checking out these reviews.  Our process has been honed over the years to quickly deliver accurate, robust and cost-effective solutions.  Our clients successes give us great satisfaction and as their business grows and develops we help them adapt and succeed with our intimate knowledge of the possibilities afforded by Microsoft Access.

With Microsoft Access we believe that we have the best combination of rapid development and powerful functionalities. This combination brings the computing and business resources normally only affordable to corporations into the hands of businesses of all sizes, and at low cost too.

We go a little more into our philosophy on our About Us page.

If you have any specific questions you would like to ask us, please just contact us.

More about Microsoft Access Software

A graphic representing Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access has been the world’s most popular software development program since the mid 1990s.  Its ability to evolve and thrive in the changing business climate has kept it contemporary and relevant for over twenty years.  The high level of sophisticated data management and business intelligence required in modern business is facilitated by Access.

Microsoft Access can integrate seamlessly with the other Office applications (Word, Excel, etc) as well as many other well known programs, such as Sage accounting software. There are no other rapid development software platforms which can boast this flexibility. One of the things we like most about Access and the business solutions it affords is how quickly it can revolutionise the work place. Some people spend hours a week doing mundane repetitive tasks when they would much rather be doing something value-adding and creative. The productivity and efficiency boost Custom Access software brings to a business allows this to happen.

Like all systems, Access has its detractors around the internet. This is usually from ‘purists’ whose background is in programming rather than in business. Access is predominantly a business tool rather than a programming venture and its evolution supports this. We know from our own, and our clients’, experience that Access offers a stable and dynamic business application on which many hundreds of thousands of business run every day.

Remote working with Custom Access Software

Remote working is on the increase and will probably continue to do so as people seek to reduce their impact on the environment and to improve their work/life balance. The internet is fundamental in helping our society to achieve this. With Azure SQL in the cloud we can now create complex and robust systems which allow this to happen with greater ease.

I hope that we have convinced you of the pedigree, usefulness and appropriateness of Microsoft Access software in modern business. If you have any questions, however, please just contact us.