Access Support

Do you need Access Database support? We have years of experience taking on the repair, improvement and upgrade of Access databases made by other developers.




Access report needing repair Graphic showing Access improvements with a new report Upgrade Access version
  • Need help repairing a report or screen?
  • Is a field not accepting what you type in?
  • Is a field not displaying correctly as it used to?
  • Has your database become slow?
  • Will your database not open at all or has it lost data?
  • Would you like a new report?
  • Do you want to add another field to a screen?
  • Need your Access database to reflect changes to your business?
  • Has your market evolved and you need to make improvements?
  • Get the peace of mind to know someone is at hand!
  • Do you want to take advantage of the latest Access capabilities?
  • Has your IT infrastructure been recently updated?
  • Need to get your information into the cloud?
  • Do you have external or remote workers?
  • Keep your company up to date with the latest security!

Access Database Support

Whatever Access database support you need, we can help, just contact us! With our years of experience in fixing, improving and updating Access databases you are in safe hands.

We can come out on site or help you remotely depending on your needs and the scope of the project. We like to meet our clients face to face for at least the initial meeting. After that it is usually more practical, for both of us, to provide remote support. Working remotely allows us to address any of your issues more quickly and at lower cost.

Remote Support

We use secure remote viewing software to view your computers. All this is with your permission of course! It allows us to see precisely what you see on-screen. We can quickly identify and correct any issues you may be having with your Access database. You have complete control over the session and can end it as you want. It is important that you be able to trust us as it is more than likely that we will see much of your private business data. We are happy to sign non-disclosure agreements if this is your requirement. If you have any questions about how we work with our clients, please just contact us. You may be interested to read some of our clients’ reviews here.

Microsoft Access Versions

Access has evolved over the years. There is a good wikipedia page for it here. As a business tool, Microsoft Access is a world leader. It is the most popular desktop database application with many tens of thousands of businesses employing them in business-critical roles. Among them are our clients here!

The biggest change in business over the last twenty years has been the impact of the internet and global communications. Access has changed with the times. Initially it was possible to gather information by email. Now, Access can generate completely online solutions tailored to the digital business environment. It’s great advantage is that it can also create very powerful desktop applications too and combine these with online elements. This helps Access to tie in neatly with Microsoft’s latest offering, Office 365.