Is Access Database Multi-User?


Microsoft Access is a multi-user program.  Multiple members of your team can log in at the same time and share data.  Here at Working Data we have 15+ years of Bespoke Database development using a wide range of platforms, including MS Access.

The data sits in the ‘Back-End’.  The design and code sit in the ‘Front-End’.  Each user has their own Front-End which communicates with the Back-End.

Access can work in combination with many different types of database or data repositories:

Office Server

An Access Front-End can communicate with most of the common types of office database.

A popular type of database is MS SQL Server which would often reside on a server in your office.

This can be used in a ‘thin-client’ setup which offers great speed and security.  Ideal for remote working.

Online / Cloud

Microsoft Access also works with online or ‘Cloud’ databases for multiple users.

Microsoft offer an online version of SQL Server called Azure, more on Azure here.

Access is also a powerful Front-End for open-source databases such as MySQL.


Access Front-ends can use SharePoint lists as a Back-End repository for data.

This comes with the additional benefit of being able to deal with offline data updating.

However, there are size limits which meaning this solution is not relevant for most businesses.

How does MS Access compare with MS Excel Spreadsheets?

We have examined this extensively.

Our ten-part blog series will show why MS Access comes out on top.

See Round 1 here.

Here at Working Data we have 15+ years of experience in MS Access Support.  Find out more.


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