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Working Data started back in 2005 with the idea that we should all be using technology to Make Work Easier.  So many things that we bore ourselves with nowadays can be done in seconds if we only use the right kit.  In business, the right kit is a custom database.  And for most businesses, this will be a Custom Access Database. We go more into why we recommend Access databases here.

Make Work Easier

But, for now, back to why we think that we should be making work easier at all in the first place.  Well, we all like to do fun, creative things and let our work be more productive without us having to be there all the time, turning some wheel or grinding through endless admin.  Just think how much richer all our lives have become since we started automating household chores.  When’s the last time you washed your laundry by hand?  It seems a silly question doesn’t it but in business people are still doing something similar.

Spreadsheets are still the scourge of task automation and proper data procedures.  We all know that as a business becomes more successful it must upgrade and improve its systems to cope, and that is why we are here.

We believe that we offer the best systems at the keenest prices to growing businesses.  If you would like to find out how we can help your business, call us on 03330 143 792, or contact us and we will ring you back.

About Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is the world’s most popular desktop database application. It has a unique combination of:

  • Rapid Development
  • Full Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Integration with Microsoft Office
  • Familiar interface for users

Each of these on their own makes Access a contender for your business’ platform. Put them together and you have an unbeatable package. Let’s take a few moments to look at each of these in turn more closely.

Rapid DevelopmentScreenshot of a Microsoft Access To Do Form

Microsoft Access has a graphical user interface editor. This allows the developer to quickly design and build attractive and user-friendly screens. This makes the software more comfortable to use and, as a result, makes your team more effective.

VBA is the code used to program Microsoft Access. With VBA the developer can customise an Access database to exactly match your business rules and requirements. VBA is the code used by all the Microsoft Office programs.

The example to the right is a To Do list from a Business Prospecting system. As you can see there are no menus to distract the user, just clear buttons showing the relevant options. This helps your team get to grips with the new software more quickly. Costs are reduced as well as less training is required.

Full Business Intelligence ReportingMicrosoft Access report in a graph

Access reporting is powerful and flexible. It is one of the main features which makes Access rise above its competitors. Normally it requires an investment of thousands of pounds to get full and flexible reporting from a business system.

With an Access database you get that as part of the package. It is one of the reasons that Access Database development has been popular for many years.

You will save hours and hours because all this reporting is available at your fingertips, no need to compile spreadsheets and spend days piecing them together. All you need do is enter the criteria for the report and press a button.

  • Get up to the minute, accurate reporting on your business and its current state.
  • Get insights into which products are selling and to whom.
  • No more need to try to combine things in spreadsheets.
  • Demonstrate progress to your team, suppliers and customers.

Integration with Microsoft Office


Microsoft Access is part of the Microsoft Office suite. The same code is used to automate Access, Word, Excel and so on.

  • Export data from Access to Excel for further analysis
  • Open documents in Word for editing and emailing
  • Integrate with other programs to increase functionality

Familiar Interface for users

Most offices use Microsoft Office every day. Users have become used to the layout and appearance, and they trust their abilities with these programs. Microsoft Access presents a familiar interface to users. This helps when users may at first be a little reluctant to try something new.

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