How to Remove VAT or Add VAT with the VAT Calculator v2.0

In version 2.0 of the Working Data VAT Calculator, we have made it even easier to remove VAT from, or add VAT to, several numbers at the one time.

The quick and easy-to-follow instructions below will take you through how to remove VAT or add VAT with the VAT Calculator Tool.

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Removing VAT

On opening the VAT Calculator, you will see that there are two worksheets in the spreadsheet. One for Adding VAT and one for Removing VAT. Click on the sheet tab called ‘Removing VAT’. It should look like Spreadsheet Data 1.

Spreadsheet Data 1

VAT Calculator Tool before data entry

Simply type in the name of the product in the product column and the price including VAT in the Price Incl. VAT column and the VAT Calculator will calculate the Price Excl. VAT and the VAT amount. This does not have to be a product, it can be a service or any transaction. See Spreadsheet Data 2.

Spreadsheet Data 2

VAT Calculator Tool with data entered

And that’s it! You can add more products and prices down the rest of the rows.

The method for adding VAT is exactly the same, except you use the worksheet titled ‘Adding VAT’ and you enter the price excluding VAT.

You can build your own VAT Calculator in Excel or save time and take advantage of the time we’ve already spent getting it right.

After completing your purchase in PayPal you will receive an email with your download link.

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