Menu Forms

Below you will find some examples of menu forms we have made for our clients

Menus are the screens which allow you to access the screens and reports you use to run your business.

The dashboard or home page is a special type of form..

Dashboard for a Custom Access Database

A dashboard menu displays some key summarised information and the buttons to access other sections of the database..

A sample MS Access dashboard

You can design your dashboard to give you quick access to all your most common tasks..

Screenshot of a Microsoft Dashboard form

The dashboard menu can be as simple or as complex as your require..

Screenshot of a Microsoft Access custom dashboard

Some home screens show a summary of the work to be done that day..

Screenshot of a Microsoft Access database menu

How would you like the menus to look in your Custom Access Database?

Find out more about Custom Access Databases.  If you would like to discuss how an Access database will benefit your business, contact us.

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